On ipython

Some notes that I scribbled over ipython:

Use %magic functions. %paste for pasting code that has been indented in a foreign environment. Actually the “%” here can be skipped. Some other examples are: run <script_name.py>, pwd, cd <dir_name> and some other shell commands as well. Shell commands can be run by using ! as prefix.

%timeit for easy profiling.

%run to execute the scripts in the current namespace.

<func_name>, <module_name> followed by ? or ?? return documentation and even source code. Out[n] provides the results for the previous expressions.

After a program or script has crashed, %debug takes you back to the line where it failed in the debug mode. %pdb will also do the same but before running the program or script.

%pdef, %pdoc, %edit, pdb.run() profile.run(), !echo “Hello {<python_var>}”, CTRL+p CTRL+n, CTRL+r and finally %lsmagic.

Ending is a bit abrupt as I had to salvage this post. So I only left the keywords in.


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