The Evil Genius

Is Simulation Hypothesis (SH) real?

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Ren Descartes is famous for countless things in mathematics—Cartesian products, Cartesian coordinates, Descartes’ rule of signs, the folium of Descartes. He is also famous for his work in philosophy and the notion of an evil genius. The evil genius presents a full illusion of a reality, and “fools” Descartes into believing there is a reality, while actually there is none.

Today Ken and I want to talk about the evil genius, and its relationship to the simulation hypothesis.

The hypothesis (SH) can be traced back far into history; even Descartes was not the first to wonder about reality and the possibility that it is an illusion. Recently the SH has surfaced as a “serious” thought. So Ken and I decided that we would comment on SH: did we really decide this on our own, or are we just part of the simulation? Oh well, who knows.

The Simulation Hypothesis

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