A little sparrow

There was this little kid walking along the street with his mother. Suddenly a bike came hitting hin into a flower shop. A little sparrow was watching  all of this.little was the sparrow so little was his world. Nothing sort of this has ever happened in his world. He never witnessed a chaotic moment like this and never felt crying. Confused, he turned to his mother to clear his head.

The long silence of answer was broken by a sudden and majestic roaring og thunderstorm. Frightened little sparrow jumped onto his mother’s lap. Heavy rains started pouring in. Little sparrow started crying but there was no one to listen. To listen to the crying of two innocent creatures of this nature, who were forced to do so by this nature and now this nature wants them to cry alone in this rain or this nature is frightening them furthur or this nature wants to render them helpless OR

this nature is also crying with them.

Why dont we understand “the truth”?


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